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Los Angeles based celebrity hairstylist Felicia Howe has been making those who sit in her vintage barber chair look stunning and feel incredible for more than fifteen years. A lengthy list of regulars can attest to Howe’s masterful cutting and coloring abilities, and the constant stream of referrals, speak to her good nature and impeccable chair-side manner.

Howe’s built up a cult like following and a satisfied corporate client list. Her ability to manage a team, visualize the end result, and her resourcefulness made her indispensable on large productions, like the Annual Coachella Music Festival. While her penchant for retro and avant-garde looks have made Howe a thoughtful and proficient collaborator for editorial features and a natural fit in the music industry.

Early in her career, Howe’s repertoire had expanded beyond styling. Having owned and operated a salon for the past ten years, her time management and business savvy has been key to the salon’s success. In addition, Howe is at the forefront of the organic movement in hair care. Resulting from her own sensitivity to traditional chemical formulas, she researched and learned an entirely organic process. Now regarded as the premier organic colorist in Los Angeles, Howe frequently teaches not only her customers, but also other stylists, on the benefits of going green.

For Howe, both the experience in the chair and the cut, last well beyond the trip to the salon. Howe proudly states, “My goal is to not only help people and make them feel good inside as well as outside, but to help people be more aware of what they are putting on their bodies.”