Does organic color work?

YES! organic color works just as well or better than other mainstream brands. companies that specialize in organic hair color have found ways to work with plant based technology rather than harm synthetic chemicals. the difference is in the chemistry, synthetic chemicals are cheap and last for a very long time on the shelf. Organic plant based color works just as well, and from my experience the color last longer from fading and oxidation brassiness. The gray coverage is excellent, intact the hair feels softer and heather, because of the plants and herbs used, this rebuilds the hair shaft leaving the hair ph balanced. thy have removed the ammonia from bleach and lightness with a coconut based ingredient that helps swell the cuticle to achieve wonderful highlights and blonds.  IMG_1016

Creating essential oils

This last winter I had the honer to learn from the best in the industry  of essential oils! we harvested piñon pine to make amazing essential oils and hydrosol. The education and certification program from still point aromatics was a above and beyond what i ever expected! I’m proud to say I’m a certified aroma therapist, after completing there program.


Primrose Apothecary

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Transformation bob by Jen

Looking to try a super cool style?

Our stylist Jen created this fabulous bob and color, we love it!