Rosemary lavender shampoo

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Air dried hair + ‘Soothing Blend’ = Healthy hair!


“Finally figured out my solution to frizz… no heat, & just add oil! My thick, wavy hair LOVES Felicia’s ‘Soothing Oil’ essential oil blend. My hair has never been healthier.” – Suzie V. – Atwater Village.




‘Beach Waves’ – rain or shine!

Have sultry beach hair no matter what season!

Beach Waves Sea Salt Spray adds volume and texture while achieving smooth and shiny beach waves. Conditioning argan oil keeps hair from being crunchy. Can be used as a dry shampoo for balancing the scalp. Sea salt is excellent for removing negative energy and realigning the spirit, while lavender balances the mind, body and spirit.

Spray on the roots and work through damp hair, style as desired. For use on dry hair, spray at arms-length and let dry to boost volume and use as a freshening dry shampoo.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), Organic Argan Oil
* USDA Certified Organic and Vegan.

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Fragile winter hair?

Primrose Organics ‘Deep Healing Conditioning Mask’

Deeply repairs dry, frizzy hair. Strengthens and restores vitality with a moisturizing antioxidant/antidepressant blend. Calms the skin and stimulates immune function, with the balancing effect of Rosehip and Ylang Ylang for a peaceful, open heart.

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Does organic color work?

YES! Organic color works just as well or better than other mainstream brands. Companies that specialize in organic hair color have found ways to work with plant-based technology rather than harmful synthetic chemicals. The difference is in the chemistry; synthetic chemicals are cheap and last for a very long time on the shelf. Organic plant-based color works just as well, and from my experience, the color lasts longer, with less fading and oxidation brassiness. The gray coverage is excellent. In fact, the hair feels softer and healthier, because of the plants and herbs used. They rebuild the hair shaft, leaving the hair ph-balanced. They have removed the ammonia from bleach and instead lighten with a coconut-based ingredient that helps seal the cuticle to achieve wonderful highlights and blondes.