Free Give-Away: Travel size product

With a purchase of any of our products, we are giving away a travel size bottle for you to try! Choose from our Styling Custard, White Tea leave-in, or Herbal Hair Shampoo.



  Our ultimate Styling Custard is on sale for 50% off! (limited time only). Gentle natural product, great for use on damp or dry hair before styling. Please come by to pick one up :-).  

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Primrose Organics- Essential Oil Blends

  Interested in natural Organic Essential Oils? Our blends are uniquely put together to accommodate different hair/scalp types. We must also mention they are  great for your skin! We gathered some important studies/facts and created a brochure for easy reference. Hope you enjoy!    


Primrose Organics Oil Blends are here!!

Detailed info of brochure coming soon!

Just in time for Summer!

Just in time for Summer!!

Excited to introduce our Newest Primrose Beach Waves sea salt mist! Great for all hair types to create the perfect beach waves. Certified Organic (using essential oils), handmade by Felicia. Did I also mention it smells Ah-maaaaazing?  

New Travel Size Primrose Organics Products

New Travel Size Primrose Organics Products <3!

Come by the salon and grab a new travel size shampoo, custard, and leave in conditioner! ALL natural and SO convenient :)!


Natural, Angelic, Warm Blonde- Color by Jennifer

This look is simply angelic! Jennifer did a great job with the color and style for this look!

Color by Jennifer <3

Red never seems to go out of style. Check out this amazing red hair color and style by our stylist Jennifer! Gorgeous!  

Felicia’s New Primrose Signature Perfume and Room Spray!

Felicia has come up with a new scent for her handcrafted, therapeutic, essential oil perfume and room spray! And it’s enchanting! This scent is infused with black turmaline for positive energy, and comprised of geranium, margarine, & Ylang-ylan to enhance love. 😉                           […]


Silver Highlights by Felicia

Great cut and color by Felicia! She loved doing these silver highlights on this cool dark brown color. Striking yet sophisticated!                                                         Silver streaks! So fun!