Silver Highlights by Felicia

Great cut and color by Felicia! She loved doing these silver highlights on this cool dark brown color. Striking yet sophisticated!                                                         Silver streaks! So fun!


This spring it’s all about being BOLD with fun colors. For a subtle color enhancement, we are loving this fresh, spring look created by the lovely, talented Lesley here at our salon! – A twist on rose gold highlighting. We’re calling it “Blush Blonde Balayage.” Angelic with a hint of blush!         […]

(cue Julie Andrews) These are a few of our fun little things!

We have some fun little things on sale here in our boutique…     Vintage buttons and handmade hair ties.                   So cute!

photo 2

Style it Silvia

Silvia loved giving this little guy his cut…   Silvia at work…     Good Hair=Happy Selfies    

organic hair stystems shout out!

Pick Your Color…Blonde or Red?

So happy to hear that Organic Hair Systems loved Lesley’s Color correction! Lesley gave her a beautiful, all over, natural blonde!   Another cut and color by Felicia. Vibrant, yet natural!  


Sienna’s Fresh Cut and Color

Sienna came into the Salon and wanted a fresh cut and color. Being a long-standing client of ours, we hooked her up of course.     Sienna with her band. We still love the cut stylist and owner Felicia gave her in this photo. Rocking it…      


Crystal Bracelets

We have some beautiful crystal bracelets at the salon. We currently have rose quartz, botswana agate, cathedral quartz and amethyst.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.08.09 AM

Aroma Touch Technique

Sunday, 3/15 – 10am-5pm  at Primrose Organics. For more info, contact Vivian Engelsen L. Ac. 310-449-1973, or email


Happy Valentine’s Day

Primrose has some beautiful cards just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

New Jewelry

Take a look at the new jewelry we have up at the salon!